Optimize Your Sleep Masterclass


What's included in this Masterclass:

  • How to naturally regulate your sleep pattern

  • Address the psychology and physiological imbalances that lead to disrupted sleep

  • The role of underlying health conditions that can impact your sleep cycle

  • Discover your brain's "sleep control panel" and how to optimize this for better rest

  • How to balance the hormones that control sleep

  • How to set up the perfect sleep environment for optimal sleep hygiene

  • Walk away with specific nutrition and supplementation recommendations 

ALSO INCLUDES free companion 34-page Optimal Sleep Workbook!

$49.00 USD

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This is a $19.99 optional add-on to your registration for the Optimize Your Sleep Masterclass (a saving of 33% on the regular $29.99 investment).

The BIOHACK YOUR BRAIN Masterclass is a powerful complement to bring healing to your imbalanced and dysregulated neurological system which is a vital component of sleep regulation to promote the essential rest and recharge you need.

This masterclass contains more in-depth and powerful resources to heal, protect and maintain your brain health and will perfectly complement the Optimize Your Sleep Masterclass.

Also includes a companion workbook valued at $5.