Conquering Long Covid Masterclass

Learn how to tap into powerful healing resources!

Together we will uncover ways to address systemic inflammation and address the autonomic imbalances long covid triggers!

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What you'll learn:

  • WHY Long Covid Persists
  • Uncover the ROOT CAUSES behind brain fog, fatigue, headaches, autonomic imbalances and POTS.
  • HOW to tame systemic inflammation. 
  • Ways to HEAL Endothelial and Vagal Nerve Damage
  • Understand the RIGHT diagnostic tests and labs that your MD is NOT running.
  • Walk away with specific brain supportive supplements to take daily .

Caution: Participation in this informative masterclass will yield a calmer, less inflamed and more balanced body.

$49.00 USD

I understand that I will be granted access to the Conquering Long Covid Masterclass. 

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This is a $19.99 optional add-on to your registration for The Conquering Long Covid Masterclass (a saving of 33% on the regular $29.99 investment). 

The BIOHACK YOUR BRAIN Masterclass is a powerful compliment to bring healing to your imbalanced and dysregulated neurological system.

This masterclass contains more in-depth and powerful resources to heal your brain that are not specifically covered within Dr. Melissa's workshop time. 

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