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  • Beat Heart Disease Masterclass + Workbook
  • Healthier Gut, Happier You Masterclass + Workbook
  • Biohack Your Brain Masterclass + Workbook
  • The Ultimate Ear Health Masterclass + Workbook
  • The Prostate Fix Masterclass + Workbook
  • Men's Health Masterclass + Workbook
  • Mastering Your Hormones Masterclass + Workbook
  • Surviving Menopause Masterclass + Workbook
  • Let Your Lymph Flow Masterclass + Workbook
  • Naturally Allergy-Free Masterclass + Workbook
  • Lipedema Care Masterclass
  • COVID Recovery Masterclass 
  • Optimize Your Sleep Masterclass
  • HPV Masterclass
  • Extended Fasting Masterclass + Pre-Fast Meal Plan

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