The Ultimate Lipedema Management Guide


Learn more about this absolutely misunderstood Fat Disease so you can master you own self care for optimal wellness. 

Gain critical metabolic and lymphatic health SOLUTIONS you deserve so you can live your healthiest, happiest life!


What Lipedema Patients & Lipedema Caregivers will learn:

  • How to MANAGE your Lipedema to enhance your mobility & quality of life.
  • Ways to MINIMIZE painful skin and soft tissue,
  •  ID co-factors and other mis-diagnosed joint/soft tissue disorders that your doctor is missing. 
  • The IDEAL Lipedema diet that eases symptoms like pain, swelling, & bruising.
  • How to COMBAT triggers that progress your Lipedema staging. 
  • Ways to REVERSE reverse Lipedema staging.
  • DAILY ACTIONS you can take to manage your Lipedema at home. 
  • Walk away with SPECIFIC nutrition & supplementation recommendations. 


CAUTION: Participation in this informative masterclass will positively impact your experience living with Lipedema.  You might feel like you are back in the driver seat of your body and your health!


$49.00 USD

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This is a $19.99 optional add-on to your registration for Lipedema Care Masterclass (a saving of 33% on the regular $29.99 investment)

One of the most influential triggers in the progression of Lipedema is that of hormonal imbalances. 

Take my Mastering Your Hormones class to learn the assorted ways to balance your entire endocrine system to both limit and even reverse the progression of Lipedema. 

This class also includes a companion workbook valued at $5.

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