Healthy Breasts Await You!!!

Your Breast Tissue Healing & Breast Hormone Balancing has arrived!  

This Ultimate Breast Health Course is aimed at helping you promote healthy, cyst-free and fibroid free breast tissue. You will learn about the magical power of your breast cells, how to implement a breast healing centered diet and supplement plan, DIY step by step guides to breast massage and tutorials on how to begin a dry skin brushing practice of breast lymph promotion.

If you want the healthiest breasts your body can support, this is the course for YOU!

What you'll get:

  • Step by Step DIY Resources
  • Video & Audio Tutorials
  • 26 Breast Promoting Lessons
  • Nutrient & Supplement Guides
  • Powerful Education to Promote Your Healthiest Breast Tissue
  • BONUS materials! 

This course consists of 12 Modules formatted in audio and video for your convenience.  All modules are aimed at specific aspects of promoting breast health and a total of 30 lessons.  Plus bonus materials and PDF downloads. 

MODULE 1 - Breast Health 101 
MODULE 2: Fibrotic & Cystic Breasts
MODULE 3: A Breast Healthy Diet
MODULE 4: Bras 101
MODULE 5: Breast Supplements
MODULE 6: DIY Breast Care
MODULE 7: Mammograms & More
MODULE 8: Emotions & Your Breasts
MODULE 9: Navigating Breast Tests & Surgeries
MODULE 10: Breast Implant Illness
MODULE 11: Breast Health Resources
Plus..... 4 additional BONUS Materials!!

If you had any fears or concerns about your breast tissue - this is a safe space where you will be given all the most powerful tools to begin implementing a highly effective and proven plan for healing your breasts and promoting the healthiest breast tissue that your body can support. 

We're in this together ever step of the way! Let's get started!  

Dr Melissa

**By enrolling in Dr. Melissa's life changing course you will enrich your body, balance your hormones and aid in creating the healthiest breast tissue for your optimal breast health. 

What Course Participants Are Saying:

This course is amazing! Thank you for working so hard to put it all together for us. ❤

Debbie Christianson

Oh my Melissa, I love you more than ever and I am even more grateful to have found you. Thank you so much for sharing such an important thing!!

Kristi Gruel

Thank you for this valuable course. At least 80 % of this information has been new to me. I've not read these tips in magazines, nor heard them from my doctor. Just amazing!

Lois Lyons

Dr. Melissa's breast health awareness is unmatched! I've seen more than my fair share of breast specialists and I learn more from her in 15 mins that I have in decades of screenings and biopsies and ridiculous tests all which thankfully come out negative. Implementing Dr. Melissa's recommendations of changing my diet, balancing my hormones and implementing breast care like dry skin brushing and the breast balm - my breasts no longer hurt, swelling and lumpiness is gone and I had my best scans yet to date! Both my boobies and my doctors are happy. Thank you doc.....I'm thrilled and beyond grateful for your commitment to simple, yet powerful education!

Jeanine Astor

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