BIOHACK Your Brain Masterclass

Unlock the mystery of anti-aging by biohacking your brain cells and neuro-rejuvenation!

Together we will get cover ways to maximize your brain health!

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What you'll learn:

  • How to trigger the SELF HEALING Power of your brain.
  • Ways to heal your inflamed brain.
  • Natural ways to reverse Neuro-divergence (kids & adults)
  • Ways to heal NeuroC0VID & LONG COVID neuro imbalances. 
  • Uncover the ROOT CAUSES behind brain fog, memory loss, neuroendocrine hormone imbalances, misfiring neurotransmitters and degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Dementia and Parkinsons disease. 
  • Understand symptoms of an imbalanced, inflamed brain that your MD is NOT telling you.
  • Learn how to manage your unique brain health.
  • Identify what lifestyle choices and everyday products are wreaking havoc on your brain health.
  • Master Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity.
  • How to prevent Alzheimers, Dementia and brain diseases of aging.
  • Walk away with specific brain supportive nootropic foods, herbals, mushrooms & supplements to take daily .

Caution: Participation in this informative workshop will yield a healthier, more youthful and balanced brain!

**If you are not able to attend the masterclass in full - the replay will be accessible at any time.

$49.00 USD

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This is a $19.99 optional add-on to your registration for the Biohack Your Brain masterclass (a saving of 33% on the regular $29.99 investment).

The HEALTHIER GUT, HAPPIER YOU masterclass is a powerful complement to repair your microbiome for optimal wellness and identify underlying common & uncommon causes of your gut imbalances, as well as connect the dots between gut & assorted health conditions like autoimmunity, mental health, cardiovascular health, thyroid health, brain fog and lowered immunity. 

This masterclass contains more in-depth and powerful resources to positively impact your gut-brain connection, not covered in the Biohack Your Brain masterclass

Also includes companion workbook valued at $5.

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